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Bitting Advice

Elaine is classically trained and has competed with her home-bred eventer, WhiteRose Strandwolf, at 2-star International level.

Wulfie wore no more than a loose ring bit with cavesson noseband all his time with Elaine for all 3 phases of an event,  testament that ‘strong bits’ are not always the answer for safe, enjoyable and successful riding.

This, together with her work in horse behaviour - Elaine is a holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship – and work with Solution Saddles, mean she can promote the concept of "gadget free", quality riding and horse handling, for a truly enjoyable partnership between horse and rider.

Elaine conducted a study in 2009 on the effects of different bits on horses, which can be read on the Intelligent Horsemanship website (http://www.intelligenthorsemanship.co.uk/content/view/102/98).  The results were fascinating and supported a study conducted by Myler in Holland 2007.  The results of both studies clearly show that fitting a bit with the same attention to detail that is taken for a saddle fitting, can result in dramatic improvements in horse and rider performance. 

In the same way that we would not expect a horse to perform well in a badly-fitting saddle, the same can be said for a bit that does not fit the conformation and temperament of the horse and the way it is ridden.

Elaine is BETA-trained and an Accredited Adviser for Myler Bits in the UK.  She stocks all makes of bits, including Sprenger and Neue Schule and offers independent advice to suit the needs of horse and rider.

Elaine is available for clinics / talks / individual consultations, either here in Cheshire or in your part of the country. 

Please contact us for more information.