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Myler 26-04-7 Low Port Comfort Snaffle Pelham 5.5"


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  • Manufactured by: Myler


The Myler MB04 Mouthpiece with Independent Side Movement.

A Level Two bit:

• Pressure on tongue and corners of the bars

• Slight collapse on the bars

• Tongue relief before restriction

• Independent Side Movement™

Usage: A good bit for horses in beginning stages of training and those needing some tongue relief. 

MB04 Low Port Comfort Snaffle

 As 02, Myler's no-pinch I(ndependent) S(ide) M(ovement) version of French Link, but with port.
 Acts on tongue and corners of bars, gently wrapping lips, but port gives more tongue relief when bit not engaged by rider.

Level Two - ideal for an intermediate horse, but also for many beginners.  It encourages the horse to bend, balance and relax at the poll. The 04 will take a horse further than MB02 or traditional snaffle due to greater tongue relief.
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