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Perfect Fit Saddle Fit Checker Kit

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  • Manufactured by: Perfect Fit


"Perfect Fit" Saddle Fitting Kit will enable you to check one of the most important factors in your horse's well being - a comfortable saddle.

A saddle is to a horse as a shoe is to a human. If a saddle doesn't fit, your horse or pony will experience discomfort and probably pain.  This discomfort and pain will make him unhappy and often cause tension and bad behaviour. In addition, the saddle may restrict your horse's movement and make him unable to work properly or to his potential

It is also true that prevention is better than a cure.  Even if you have a horse with no problems, it doesn’t mean the saddle fits properly or is comfortable. It should be periodically checked to be sure it fits perfectly.

"Perfect Fit" Saddle Fitting Kit - What's In The Kit?

"Perfect Fit" Saddle Fitting Kit supplies you with everything you need to measure and make sure your horse's saddle fits perfectly.  There is an explanation about how to measure your horse for a saddle and other aspects of fitting a saddle

If you own more than one horse, you can buy spare template sets, rather than another complete kit

Please click on the picture below for more detail

Please note this kit is not suitable for measuring Strada saddles, treeless saddles or Western saddles.

Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit Purchase Options

  • Complete kit with instructions, templates - all that you need to measure one saddle
  • Spare template pack - for taking 2nd set of measurements

Problems Caused By An Ill Fitting Saddle;

Sores, rub marks or white hairs in the saddle area - doesn't like work - doesn't like the saddle going on - doesn't like the rider getting on - bucks - bolts - dry (sometimes slightly raised) patches amongst the sweat marks under the saddle after work - rears - is difficult to handle - doesn't use him/herself properly - doesn't like the girth being done up - performs poorly - cold backed - doesn't like jumping - is difficult to catch -  - hollows under rider's weight - is unhappy to go forward - resists being on the bit - doesn't ride or jump straight - unsoundness - tension

 "Perfect Fit" Saddle Fitting Kit - Endorsements

Stephen Clarke - Olympic Dressage Judge

"At shows and competitions I see so many riders using saddles that don't fit. There's no way a horse can perform properly if they are in pain or restricted by the fit of the saddle. This kit should put an end to that."

CAMPBELL THOMPSON - British Equestrian Team Vet for the SYDNEY OLYMPICS
Nantwich Vet Group Equine Centre

"Horses were not designed to carry people! Over the generations, we have obviously selected those horses that coped best with being ridden, but it is still not a natural activity. We have a moral obligation to transfer our weight on to the horse in the most comfortable fashion possible, this means a correct size and fit of saddle for each individual which allows the horse to still move in a natural pain free way. The 'Perfect fit' Kit is a simple but comprehensive and accurate way for any of us to check the fit of any saddle to any horse and just as important to re-check each season that it continues to fit as the saddle or horse change shape."


As a chiropractor of 15 years standing I have seen and treated a lot of horses with back problems and a lot of these have been caused by ill fitting saddles, if the owners had access to a simple way of checking their saddle fit a lot of distress to the horse would have been eliminated, now we have a product that will do just that well done for thinking of it."

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 September, 2011.

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